Yintang Acupucture NYC

Patient Waiver

Please be advised that acupuncture therapy is not a substitute for Western Medical evaluation. Patients should be under the care of a licensed medical doctor.

Mild side effects can occur with acupuncture therapy including mild bruising, bleeding at the site of the point and in rare cases dizziness and fainting. Patients should not undergo acupuncture therapy if they have not eaten in several hours.

Clicking "Submit" on the Patient Intake Form indicates that you have read the above information and therefore are aware of the benefits and risks associated with acupuncture therapy. Yintang Acupuncture and the acupuncture practitioner are not liable for any mishap or injury that may occur during the session or at the offices of Yintang Acupuncture .

Confidentiality Policy

All employees, staff, contractors, and agents of our practice will be trained to respect the health care information of the patients of our practice. They will treat all medical, personal, and financial information as confidential.

All employees, staff, contractors, and agents of our practice will receive confidentiality training and sign confidentiality agreements annually.

Any person who breaches this trust will be disciplined and risks immediate termination.

Cancellation Policy

Patients must give 24-hour notice if they need to cancel their appointment. We thank you in advance for adhering to this policy.

By clicking submit on the Patient Intake Form, you acknowledge your understanding of and agreement to the policies listed above.

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