Yintang Acupucture NYC
Japanese Acupuncture
Japanese Acupuncture Needles:
Pre-sterilized stainless steel needles, thin, flexible.

pictured below (left and middle):

Administering the needles to pressure points,
Acupuncture needles and diode rings in practice

Diode Rings:
Semi-conductors that move the flow of energy in the direction of the meridians.

pictured above (right):
Administering the diode ring
Moxa (Artemesius Vulgaris):
A plant herb that is used to warm the acupuncture needles.

pictured below (l-r):
preparing the herb and application

Small magnet pellets that stimulate the acupuncture points continuously, while helping to reduce inflammation of injured tissues.
Applied when necessary to alleviate muscle tension. especially in the neck and upper back.

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